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Friday, March 25, 2011

Within A Woman's Heart

There is a place I know

It lies within the woman's heart

A place that's filled with aches. . .with anxiety. . .with fear

A place where pain is present and the darkness overwhelms

This place is not my home and yet somehow familiar

See it has said my name before

It has beckoned and I cowered, it hollered and I hid

For the arms that held me tight from there. . .have gone

The lips that whispered 'Stay'. . .have ceased

And so my hands are free once more

My feet allowed to roam

And yet my heart is tied to you

My lips are bound to yours

As for the place I spoke of. . .the one that calls my name

I'll recall the words you spoke so gently

I'll remember, and I'll stay

I will hold true

I will hold fast

I'll be patient

And I'll wait

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