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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Am Listening

If I have ears then I will hear, is that not what you have told me. When my eyes kept clear then the light will shine, that is if the words I read are true. And through my faith it is you who heals me, like the daughter reaching at your robe. If in my tears I wait on comfort, is it not because I'm the one who mourns. Hungry for bread I can expect the same, since no stone would ever take its place. If I take courage knowing it is you, can you not call me atop the waters. Facing my weaknesses I surrender them to you, and perfected strength is your reply. And when I'm thirsty I won't search for rain, because it is my living water which satisfies. You teach us of a love that lays down ones life, and I long to lay down mine. In our love there is no fear, instead perfection which cast asides my worries. And I will be healed from this as well, . . . . .for it is by your wounds that it is done.

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