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Thursday, August 25, 2011


So I have now had this widow's blog for just about six months. For those of you who know me, or have spoken to me about it, I am really enjoying it. I enjoy being able to write, being able to be honest, being able to share things with others in hopes that they can find some comfort here. I enjoy following what I believe is God's calling for me. And I have had the feeling for some time that I should diversify a little. I have more going on in my heart then just what life is like being a widow. This blog is holding me back in some ways that I don't think are still healthy. It narrows my audience, and it narrows my topics. I want to share more. At the same time I want to give the readers of this space the chance to continue to follow it for the reasons they started; to hear about hope in the midst of loss, to learn about Matt, to watch over the kids in some capacity, and help me along my grief journey.

I feel I have a sense of a plan, but it will start with this . . . I'm going to over the next month introduce some new blogspot blogs. One will be poetry, one will be short daily inspirations, one will be humor, one will be dealing strictly with my Christian walk, and one will be for my creative outlet (artsy stuff) -- they will all be deeply connected to my walk with Jesus, because there is simply no separating Him from any facet of my life. (I've linked to the one I've got a good start on already above). Each has it's own use to me; mainly a use in stretching my writing abilities, and my blogging consistency. Teaching me to use other avenues of my gift to see how I can help, share, and be creative.

I invite you to check them out, and see if any of them interests you. If one does please use the email subscriber in the top right corner of any of these blogs you like to sign up to receive an email when I post something new (and if you haven't done so for this blog, I would encourage you too!). As far as my Widow's Rant goes I've been working on a book of Matt's life from the time I met him until his death. The book is really just a gift I'm giving to myself, but there are stories in there I would like to share and so I imagine for the next few months that will be the main content of this blog. For those of you who know Matt you know that it should be a fun ride (and I encourage any of my readers to throw out stories to me in the comments - in which both Matt and I were a part of - that you would like to see me put into story format and share:).

My goal is to someday have a site where I can converge all these topics in one place that would be my own singular space, but for now I'm still learning and growing in this place. I'm having fun, and trying to follow where the Spirit is leading me. It's time for me to stretch out into other areas, and see what happens.

Thank you to all of you who have supported me in this journey. Thank you to everyone who is reading! If you are connecting with what I write here I continue to encourage you to share my work, because that is my ultimate goal in this whole thing. To use my writing to connect, encourage, and fellowship with others, and to glorify God within that.

I have also been asked recently to guest post on another writer's Christian blog. He is someone I have great respect for, and enjoy reading immensely. It's something I am very excited about, so please look for that link which should be coming in the next couple weeks.

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