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Monday, August 29, 2011

My First Guest Post

Kurt Willems is an Anabaptist writer, and I am honored to say today I am guest posting on The Pangea Blog, which is the place he calls home. Part of his life story is one of a church leader who found himself hiding behind doctrine and religion, and instead of staying put he followed the Spirit when it told him to "come out of the theological closet". He is real, uplifting, inspiring, and he always makes me laugh. He is someone I relate to, connect with, and respect greatly. He is currently working on promoting a video for Compassion that deals with the need to supply clean water for everyone on the planet - watch the video here and the vote for it here!

The first post I read of Kurt's was the one comfortably stationed on his home page at all times, "You Might Be An Evangelical Reject If ...". When I read it for the first time I laughed, nodded, and 'Amen'ed my way through the entire list. Kurt's ability to address {and question} in a light-hearted {and relevant} manner what I sometimes feel {and think} was beyond refreshing.

Through our social media connections I now call Kurt a friend. He asked me to write a post in regards to my grief journey, and I was happy to. I'm excited to share that guest post with you, my readers. It starts like this ...

"Imagine it’s a Friday night like any other. Your husband, sick from a cold, went to bed early. So you decide to spend some time alone. You pick out a good bottle of wine and some scrap-booking supplies, and spend a quiet evening enjoying some Riesling, being with your thoughts, and reminiscing on family times through the photos laid out before you. Around two in the morning your evening of solace comes to an end. Since the better half isn’t feeling well, it will no doubt be you getting up early the next morning with your two little ones.

As you hit the landing of the two-story home, you look up the stairwell, and sitting there still as a statue in the bay window is Jesus. He doesn’t have the long blond hair and blue eyes your faithful Lutheran grandmother always led you to believe He did, but nonetheless you would know Him anywhere. Your knees buckle, your stomach lurches, and you get so dizzy you almost fall over. The ‘Jesus Christ?’ uttered under your breath is far too ironic. Your mind races – it doesn’t feel like the rapture, and since you don’t qualify for the next virgin birth – you know this can’t be good.

He reaches out for your hand, and you go to Him. He then speaks, as kindly as one would imagine Jesus would. He tells you that when you finish the walk up to the bedroom, the room you share with your beloved, your spouse will wake up and be unable to breathe."

Please visit The Pangea Blog here to see the rest, and don't forget to leave a comment there and tell him what you think. Enjoy, and thank you!

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Brad Anderson said...

Stephanie, may the Holy Spirit give you grace and peace and continue to lead you in this balance of grief, joy, remembrance, and mission. Know that God's redemption is active in your ministry, in your own thread of God's larger story.