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Monday, August 1, 2011

My Freedom Prayer

Jesus it's time, and I need you near.

It's time to sling stones at this freedom I fear.

Forgiven I've lived, forgiven I've been.

But the weight of my life still haunts where I am.

So I'm going forth, with your strength I will fight.

To know that my battle is won with Christ's light.

My past's ugly, it's painful, and I wish to forget.

But instead it pummels me with unending fists.

To your will I am bending, I am begging to break.

Please help me find healing in a whole world of fake.

Your gift I don't grasp - at least not yet in this place.

With faith I step forward in search of . . . true grace.


John said...

Very nice! This part stood out:
"My past's ugly, it's painful, and I wish to forget.

But instead it pummels me with unending fists."

It's been my prayer lately to remember to live as though Jesus really has won in my daily activities - that is, that there is resurrection, love has triumphed over death and despair and that therefore guilt, shame, despair, neurotic insecurities and fear have no claim on me. But is it difficult! It's encouraging to hear the hearts and prayers of others on the journey, thank you! I believe in eternal life in there here and now, here's to owning it!

Xaris said...

You have well captured the heart cry of humanity.

Faith is the conviction of things not seen:

(1) that grace exists because it always assumes my need, my imperfections

(2) that God will/does initiate speaking to me in a way that I can understand - if something really needs to be understood.

Amy said...

Steph, this is beautiful. Your cries are so familiar to what I am going through as well.

Press on, my dear friend! You will find GRACE and you will find that He is closer than you think!

Sandy said...

That is beautiful Steph. You are not alone and you will get through this.