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Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's Play Hockey

Behind our home in Chanhassen we had a pond. You could call it a pond; I think technically, however, it was a city drain off. From the time we moved into our home, before the snow even had a chance to melt, Matt had a desire to make something of that little pond. He let our dog Maggie swim in that water, which was not something I was none too fond of. He bought a small blow up boat to take the kids on short journey's up and down the water. He liked that pond. The first spring we were in the home, along with help from the neighbors, Matt proceeded to take down all the cattails surrounding the pond in order to ease it's appearance.

It was the second winter we were in the house he decided to build a skate rink out of the pond. I loved the idea. When I was a kid we flooded the two gardens in the back of our house a couple years in order to to do the same. I should have known though, that when Matt decided to make a skating rink, that it was going to end up being the best rink within city limits that winter.

He spent countless hours out back that winter. He would flood the rink, smooth it, and shovel it. He spent a week building up the snow around the edges, then taking the hose to those mounds in order to make it more official with 'boards'. With flood lights on each end we had a chance to enjoy that rink a few times that winter. The neighbors, all our kids, and us would get dressed up in our warmest and take to the ice.

Evie was pretty comfortable on skates. Matt would have her hold a hockey stick and skate backwards, as she held on to work on balance. I didn't have a chance to take her skating last winter, and this winter isn't looking too hopeful for ice rinks yet, but I hope that she learns to skate. I look forward to telling her about daddy's extravagant home made pond rink, and the times he helped teach her how to skate.

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Tracey Schowalter said...

Feel free to bring Evie to our house to skate! I'm sure she and Lauren would have fun doing that together. I love that rink Matt built! What a great memory.