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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

An Old Wooden Island

If you were to go into my basement today you would find an old wooden kitchen island being used as a TV stand. It isn't the most beautiful piece of furniture in the world, but it is probably my most loved piece of furniture. I often think of that table as the island Matt and I fell in love around.

When I met Matt he had it placed in the center of his kitchen. I suppose it was because this was the place the drinks got poured, but it was always the place everyone gravitated to. People were always coming and going, eating and drinking, dancing and living life big around Matt's house - and it all centered around this kitchen island.

I loved that kitchen island, I loved that kitchen. I loved helping Matt entertain there. Making food and drinks, chatting and having fun. It was the dancing though that I loved the most. Matt was a fool for techno music. He had his entire home wired to his stereo; each room with a volume controller, and hours of unending techno music always rolling. If Matt walked into a room and the volume wasn't on a ten, he would walk right over and turn it up (It was usually me turning them down after he left the room).

So here we were in this beautiful lake home, loud music, drinks, and friends - sounds like a wonderful recipe for dancing. Matt loved to dance, but if you knew Matt at all you would know he was not given the gift of rhythm. The man danced to his own beat, which is part of the reason I think he liked techno so much - it is hard not being able to just jump on time to the booming bass. Matt loved to dance, and so do I. Oh, how I love to dance. Not everyone does though ... So it would often be that people would walk into Matt's house and everyone would be hanging around the kitchen island. And while they were standing around chatting they would be simultaneously dodging Matt and I as we would dance around and around and around that thing for hours.

I loved dancing with him, and I love the old wooden island we fell in love around.

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Anonymous said...

I can think of a 100 memories in the first 60 seconds around that island.

Matt use to call Bill to have him bring over the decks and they would set them up on that island while we danced for hours.

At one point Matt even took the island outside so Bill could spin records for him while he cleaned the yard.

Those days will always be cherished ...

<3 Always on our minds forever in our hearts <3

Love you ~ Nicole